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Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

Omni Core Drilling provide all forms of surface preparation. This includes reduction of floor levels, removal of paint and coatings, scarifying, grinding and planning.

Concrete Grinding / Coatings Removal

Planetary diamond grinders are used in the refurbishment of damaged or uneven concrete slabs and coatings removal.

Super floor System

Using a multistage grinding and polishing process, Omni Core Drilling produces polished industrial floors, which are hard-wearing, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. This is a fast and cost-effective alternative to natural stone and terrazzo.

Concrete Planing

Planning can remove coatings and reduce high spots on small or large areas, leaving a surface ready for final coating or grinding.

Shot Blasting

Captive shot blasting is used on concrete and metal surfaces to remove coatings, latency, adhesives, and paint and to provide a textured surface.


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