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Concrete Sawing

Concrete Sawing

Concrete Sawing

Handheld Sawing

A ring or partner saw is an ideal solution when a clean cut is required, and there is restricted access.

Hydraulically powered and hand-held, the ring saw will cut up to 250mm deep with edge-driven diamond blades.

In the hands of a skilled operative, it is very effective, with low noise and vibration-free design. This unit is used to form openings in masonry and lightly reinforced concrete.

Diamond Chain Saw

Diamond chain sawing is just one of the many cutting methods with advantages over traditional practices.

Although a diamond chain saw looks like a conventional chain saw, it uses a chain with diamond-tipped teeth to cut through lightly reinforced concrete and masonry.

Floor & Road Sawing

For deep road sawing through reinforced asphalt or concrete to provide crack inducers, expansion joints or channels in floor slabs.

We offer a full range of floor sawing options for new builds and refurbishments, using petrol, diesel, and electrically powered saws and a variety of cutting depths.

Track Sawing

A process used to form openings in reinforced concrete walls and floors using powerful hi frequency motors with blades to cut through the heaviest reinforcement. This equipment was developed to enable the precise cutting of openings through walls and floors up to 1000mm thick.

Diamond Wire Sawing

For deep and heavily reinforced concrete, diamond wire sawing is the answer.

A hydraulically powered, diamond-impregnated “rope” is drawn, like cheese wire, through concrete flooring, walls and beams, leaving clean, smooth surfaces. The wire has a steel strand core 6mm in diameter and can be almost any length. 10mm diamond beads are spaced along its length approximately 30mm apart.

Dry Diamond Wire Sawing

Developed for the nuclear industry, the dry wire sawing of concrete requires no water to cool and lubricate the cut.

Specially designed compound wire and diamonds are used to deal with the heat generated by the combination of movement and friction. Powerful vacuum suction removes the dust from the aluminium box forms, which forms a seal and encases the cut on both sides.

Diamond Chasing / Raggling

This method cuts channels for building services on walls and floors. Diamond-tipped rotary discs are cut into the concrete at a precise depth. Dust is controlled by a vacuum system.

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